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We have the chance to make an historic change to our democracy, helping to shape the future of our country for the better. But we can't do it without you. 

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Upcoming Events

We have a calendar of activity planned as we ramp up the campaign to secure fair votes - keep checking back for the latest events. 

11 May 2018 – Second reading of the Bill. 

The Representation of the People (Young People's Enfranchisement) Bill 2017-19 (the Bill) was presented to Parliament on Wednesday 19 July 2017.  This is known as the first reading and there was no debate on the Bill at this stage.

On 11 May, the Bill is having its second reading. 

What is a second reading?

The second reading is normally the first opportunity for a Bill to be debated in either House and is the stage where the overall principles of the Bill are considered. If the Bill passes Second Reading it moves on to the Committee Stage.

Link to second reading on 11 May

Watch the second reading here (starts from 14:02).


Download some tips from:  Debate Mate on how to run a successful debate in a school or college.

Social media graphics and poster to download are here

Students and teachers are setting up events to campaign for and to discuss fair votes for 16 and 17-year-olds.  Take a look at our campaign pack on the home page.